Stve Morse is my favorite guitar player and since I'm the process of researching guitars I thought I would try out his guitar. The only problem is that I cant find it any of my local stores. My cousins guitarist has it so when I go to Brazil this summer Im gonna try it out but I wanna know what you guys whink of it. Is it good? I play Blues, funk classic rock, metal, jazz, country and basically everything else and since Steve is so versatile, It thought his guitar might be too. Gear in sig.

Thanks in advanced
It's really awsome, I was fortunate enough to see Steve Morse play with Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson at the House of Blues Orlando April 21st 2006. Part of Joe's Super Colossal tour, they did and Encore G3 and apparently Steve Morse lives about 5 miles away from me and so he Jammed with them, and his guitar sounds and looks great. He played it through one of Joe's JSX's and he was really diggin the amp I could tell cause when he wasn't playing he was looking at it and adjusting it he was so happy to.