I was hoping to get a nice guitar, hardshell case, and tunerfor under $300. This could be from a guitar shop, ebay, or online store. I looked at the "under $300 thread" and did some reasearch and I came down to: Alvarez RD20S, Yamaha FG700S, Fender CD60, Ibanez PF5. Lookin for opinions on any of these, or any other guitars that I could get a package deal for the 3 things I asked for. Thanks in advance.
I would probably point you in the direction of the Alvarez RD20s. The next would be the Yamaha. Stay as far away from fender acoustics as possible, that Ibanez is decent but will not sound anywhere and good as the alvarez or yamaha. You definetly want a guitar with a solid top. I am not a big fan of nato back and sides on the yamaha so therefore I recommend the alvarez with solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides even though it has a gloss finish.
I went to 2 of my guitar shops, and I played a Fender CD60, Ibanez PF5?, and an Alvarez RD8C. Out of those, I liked the Ibanez the most I think. Here is my problem: I've been doing a lot of research and reading product reviews, and it seems like the Yamaha FG700 is an amazing guitar. The only thing is that I cant find a place that I can test one out. What do I do?
i'd probably reccomend the yamaha over the alvarez.... but it's really a pretty tough call to make. you should be able to get both of those guitars with everything you want within your price range and for the money they are both fantastic guitars! i would advise you to try and play both of these two models and see what you think. imo, either of these guitars is twice the value of the fender or ibanez.
I don't think any of the guitars you played had a solid top. For $300, you should definietely push for that. I like the Yamaha a little better then the Alvarez as well, but make sure you play the RD20...that has a solid top, and the RD8 does not.

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I really wanna try out the Yamaha, but the 2 shops near me dont have one. Any suggestions?