Alright, for the record, I was learning this song as I recorded it, but it turned out okay. It sounds a little gay at some points due to the fact that I messed up and had to re-record with changed amp settings, but bare with me here.

Well, I hate to oull a Simon Cowell...

But, it was just alright...

I didnt really like the tone of your guitar...

But, you didnt make any mistakes as far as I could tell...
Do you have a Marshall MG by any chance? The only bad thing about the recording was your tone. What amp are you using?
I was hoping for some vocals lol.. good guitar work but yet, not very good tone.
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A really good cover I must say... The tone is definatly lacking but you appear to have all the parts there and very few to no mistakes... Good job... you should dupe in a vocal recording next eh? lol...
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do you realize how rediculous the co ca is with their rigs they filter the hell out of things and tweak tone and all.

yeah must be annoying.
very very very good, now all you need is someone with a voice thats high as fu** to sing it ! shouldent be TOO hard =)