Thanks for your opinions.
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Wow I must say i'm really impressed haha. How the heck did you record soooo...beautifully Fade to Black sound was amazing

Amazing job man, keep it up.
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critting the kse one as i go.... acoustic part sounds alright... main riff is out, that note isnt right. drum track is quiet but the cymbals are loud and ringy. the actual playing is fairly good, minus that first riff, but this song really cant be done in drop d. tone seems alright.. distortion at the end should fade out instead of cutting out... lets hear some more kse covers
Thanks for the crits.
I dont play drop c but my band really wants to play that song.
So i just gave it a shot in drop d.
Some parts came out a little weird.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the acoustic isn't you, and rather it's the backing track?

Anyways, solos were good. Tone was pretty good. Guitar sounded out of tune just a tad at parts. Playing was solid though. Good job my friend.
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the acoustic part is the backing track.
forgot to mention it.
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Thanks for your opinions.

Hey buddy,

Wheres the link? I can't find it anywhere.........

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