ok i want to build a guitar because i think that would be really cool to do. i really like ibanez, jacksona dn schecter. and also i have the issue of not wanting to spend that much money. wat would u sudjest. also, i haev a schecter 006 deluxe diamond series guitar,a dn i love it. but i woult want to know if its possible to put a floyd rose in it and if so how much u it would cost.
if your gonna install a floyd rose you gotta route the body out to fit it and also have a locking nut. and if your were to build a guitar that would cost more than buying a guitar in some cases.
Plus it would suck if the routing isnt close to perfection. If you think you have machine precision routing and skillz, be my guest and go ahead. But a lot of work needs to be done, and it'll cost you more like what azn said (unless you rob some ppl or use cheap LFRs).
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yeah, i wasnt talking about having me do it myself, i would definatly screw up, i am talking about taking it in to say twin town gutiars or somethign and having them do it
Well, technically they're human too rite? Y dont you just buy a new guitar, its cheaper that way IMO. But if you insist on doing so, make sure u go to the right person with the right skills
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
I think paying someone to do it would be pricey, the labor hours and such...

I'd check out http://www.warmoth.com , they got great stuff, and pretty good prices, you can get your very own 100% custom made guitar.
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ok another question, on my guitar, i ned some new pickups, and i have found an invader for 50 and i am jsut wondering what i shud get for a decent neck pickup?