Now, being a guitar thread, I take it we've all seen Spinal Tap AT LEAST a million times. So, what are some Spinal Tap-like moments that you've either experienced, heard of, or can think up?
I was convincing my dad why to buy one amp over another. i says to him:


and that same day me and my friend started playing Big bottoms :P
Ha, I was playing guitar in our last jazz band concert, and we had some old professional sax player playing with us (he's an old friend of the director's). So anyway, we were just about to go into our AC/DC-esque rock piece and this 60-year old guy turns to me and goes, "DOES IT GO TO ELEVEN?!?!" I was like, wow, you really never ARE too old to rock.
At this one gig my drummer spontaneously combusted. No joke. He didn't ACTUALLY combust but he did disappear. The guy running the smoke machine was German and he thought it would be comical to call us "Jews" and "gas" us. So in the midst of all the commotion and low visibility we eventually noticed there were no drums playing anymore and when the smoke cleared the drummer was gone.
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I'd rather listen to my parents having sex than LCD Soundsystem.
Any time you say "This one goes to eleven." Some fag gets pissed and is like, "OMG HALF U NEWBS HAVNT EVEN SEEN TEH MOVIE STFU WIF UR QUOTING!111."
One time I got made fun of for having gum on my figner while eating. I'm not joking.
Dude, this one place was like a freaking maze, and we had a "Hello Cleveland!" moment.
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lol, has ne one tried the cucumber in tin foil in the pants at the air port thing? lol i did, when you get frisked by the guy you just scare the **** out of the guy, cause he thinks its real
Is that movie(it is a mvie right?) on the internet anywhere?.
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A friend of mine has an amp that goes up to 12. I was like, DUDE, IT'S TWO LOUDER!!!

My amp goes up to 12 on every knob. I've never turned up the master volume that loud, but I imagine is would sound pretty sweet.
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A friend of mine has an amp that goes up to 12. I was like, DUDE, IT'S TWO LOUDER!!!

If you've seen the Satch Tapes, Nigel Tufnel also makes an appearence, though this time with amplifiers that go..............to infinity (while most others only go to 10, they made the jump to infinity so its infinity louder than 10...)