Hey, I read the Unusual Bending Technquies guide in the Lessons section of UG, and was wondering if anyone could pass on details of how to mod a one-way whammy bar [on a Squier] to make it bend both ways, be it in a [hopefully detailed] explanation or a link. Thanks.
You need to adjust the springs at the back cavity so that your bridge isnt parallel to the body, so its actually lifted 1/8 inch like pic below.

You may also need (depends) to adjust all 6 screws at the front bridge part to make it rise a little. On Ibanez, they had modified all this to make it simpler, they use studs (similar to floyd rose's studs) to make their bridge float and not by using the 6 screws anymore.

I dont really suggest you do this coz, in some guitars that uses cheap wood, the wood are prone to be dented after you do a pull-up dive (coz the bottom edge as you see at pic above at front part of the bridge may scrape the wood or paint), and the dive's note isnt as high as a floyd rose, so there arent much different.

Feel free to try.
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