Well im getting either Bass 1. or Bass 2 .

Here are my questions
1.Which bass is good rom Red Hot Chili Peppers? and Primus? and Jazz?
2.which 10 or 15watt amp is good and versitile?
3.Which technique should I practice for bass?
4.What bad habbits can I know about?
5. Where is a good bass website like cyberfret?
6.Which songs should I learn on bass for beginning?

Umm well lol if u want to play jazz get the jazz bass flea and claypool have both been seen with j bass's so theres another solution, and dont get 10 or 15 watt unless u absolutly have to i would say no less than 100 watt i mean if u like bass ur gonna kick urself for wasting money on such low wattage, a good website is activebass.com i mean man that things good and beginning songs should also be on activebass.com.
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P bass is for your roock like music, you sound like you want the jazz bass
Many amps are fine, can't list em
Sounds like you want to practice major scales, pop/slap and double thump (Vic Wooten) style.
Bad habits: Sticking to root. Not knowing when you to and when not to play simple material, everyone wants a crazy slap line in their songs, but a lot of the time it's about simplicity, don't think you have to be going on all cylanders for the whole song.

Good songs: for early slap:
Rage Against the Machine - take the power back
Any Octave Slapping (Get Verse to Red Hot Chili Peppers - Aeroplane)

Also some good nonslap:
Rage Against the Machine - People of the Sun
Pink Floyd - Money
Blues Walk (Just standard progression, you can find it anywhere)
Cream - Badge
Led Zepp - Black Dog

Also, listen to some Swing music and learn how to play walking bass lines (Up and down scales to the song)


Oh, and get some classics down:
Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music
The Commodores - Brick House
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If you like Jazz, then get a Jazz bass. But I recommend starting with a beginner 4 string with frets.

Get a 15 watt amp, that's what I have. It's very reliable. A 10 watt amp will bust instantly.

Since you're playing Jazz. Learn how to read sheet music & tab.

A site that teaches you how to play tab... http://mxtabs.net/content.php?file=Reading_Guitar_and_Bass_Tabs

Anything by Blink 182, FOB, RHCP and Nirvana is easy to play.
Please don't rely on tabs they are unreliable, and you won't get a bigger picture than learning notation. Just because you buy a jazz bass doesn't mean you'll get a primus or chilli pepper sound out of it. Different gears, set up, and playing style yield different sound. Once you start playing bass you'll be interested in other style of music, so get a bass that's more versatile. I would invest in a 15 watts like washburn said. Unless you join a band tomorrow, you don't need that much watts. Look for books written by Ed Friedland. He have many useful books for beginners. http://www.edfriedland.com/index.htm
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