Ok guys I just got my super distortion and pro track in tonight and I went to install them when suddenly I realized I have no clue what im doing. Ive never done this type of pickup installation before so I need alot of help here. Im putting them in a strat that as of right now has 3 single coils so I cant really go by the same wiring thats already in there because the pro track is supposed to be wired like a humbucker and the SD is a humbucker and not to mention that I have a 5 way switch and only a H/S setup and im planning on leaving the 2 and 4 spots as killswitches so Im totally lost. So can someone please please please give me a step by step guide to what im supposed to do. Id really appreciate it, thanks guys. Im counting on you.
Ok well can someone just atleast tell me where I might find a diagram for how to install a h/h setup in strat on a 5 way? I tried google but I pulled up alot of stuff that didnt help.
Ok, you can't have 2 and 4 as "kill" positions, that's impossible with the switch you have. What you can do is have..

1. Neck
2. Neck + Bridge
3. Bridge
4. Dead
5. Dead

I can draw it for you if you like.
What kinda switch is it? It will either have 4 terminals on each side or 8 in a row.
Also, how many Volumes and Tones will you be wanting?
These go to eleven...