I know, I have one in the Electric Forum as well. It's different.

Anyone know what type of guitar this is? It's like 30 years old. I took it to Guitar World, and the guy said he'd never seen it before? Anyone?

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What type of guitar??

Well it's obviously a nylon string classical guitar...

Anyone who's anyong knows that.

well as withnail said it's definitely a classical guitar and it's obviously an elka... only thing is that i didn't know elka made guitars at all! i know elka makes keyboards but that's the only thing i've ever seen with their name on it. how's it sound? it looks pretty good.
Haven't been playing for too long, so I can't judge it, per se. But I think it sounds pretty good, I've compared it to others. The guy at Guitar World said it was good for it's age. And I know it's a classical guitar, I was just after a model...
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