i have decided on final 2 guitars

ESP LTD EX 400 (set neck with emg's)

JACKSON RR3 (bolt on with duncun design humbuckers)

which one should i get??

thanks 4 ur help

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the LTD.....its a better guitar than the jackson. way better pickups, and plays nicer. yes i have played both. if you want a jackson RR.....go for a better one than the RR3, it really aint that nice
mmmmm...i love EMGs but damn is that a beatiful jackson

im realy partial to jacksons, so all i have to offer you is that i would take it
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If you are getting the $700 jackson, the pickups are just as good since it comes with Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickups. They are very nice pickups for metal and the black hardware looks awsome. The EX is really nice too since my friend just got one. The EMG-60 has a nice smooth lead sound and it plays beautifully. But I would go with the Rhoads if its the '06 version.
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Depends whether you want a Floyd Rose or not.

I'd go for the LTD, it's higher quality, going by the other guiars in the 400 series that I've played.
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I'd say that it's all about wether you want a Floyd Rose or not. The LTD is probably nicer but if i was you i would go for the jackson because of the bridge
With no modifications done to either guitar, you'd be happier with the LTD.
The Jackson has a LFR, which probably doesn't hold tune as well as it should, but that may be replacable in the future with an OFR.
The LTD has a TOM bridge, which holds tune. Period.
The Jackson has Duncan Designed pickups, which suck. The only thing that sets them apart from standard stock pickups is the name.
The LTD has EMGs. Not %100 versatile, but can still handle a lot of things.
when your tired and practicing dont expect to sit down..or get future back pains when playing live lol!

plus..ESP's nicer in looks and sound
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