I like it allot. It is very good at parts actually... some parts sound a bit sketchy but its just a jam right?

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i could use a review asap bc im recording an album on Monday starting so IM writing allot of stuff before then. pay no attention to timing and stuff that can be sorted out given i wrote like 5 songs in the last week.

love it, dude. the tone is incredible. i love the part at around the middle of the song when you use harmonics on the bends and such. very soulful stuff, dude.

i like the effect on the rhythm guitar too. are the effects on the Digitech or on Garageband? from what ive experiences, garageband has some weak sounding effects, but i only demoed it for like 10 minutes.

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thx for feedback Jamz I really appreciate the honesty

I hear a couple of sour notes also,,,,,,I am really learning just by recording myself like this. It is like recording your voice and learning from that experience....all the vocalist's out there would agree with me on that one...
Yeah! i can just imagine steven segal running to this music.....its like all of those cheesy 80's films soundtracks. Movies maybe cheesy but soundtrack is always good though:P (Compliment)
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Hey man this is pretty good. I enjoyed it. I love the tone you got there. You had some cool dyanamics going in parts. The first build up where the electric enters in the background is very gratifying when it comes in.

Of course there are some parts that could use a little smoothing out, but no trainwrecks or anything at like that. As you already said there were some occasional inappropriate dissonances, and at times a slight tendency to wander. The one thing that did irritate me is that on a few occasions your clean guitar track would jump up in volume suddenly.

Also you did not end the music, sorta stopped, no harmonic and only slight harmonic cues as to the fact that the tune was ending.

But man some really nice tone. Some soulful playing too. That's a GNX eh? Cool.

Check out mine if you would.

Love the laid back feeling. The tone is nice and smooth. Kinda like Santana's. The backing is good too. Add more vibrato to your sustained notes. I heard also few bad notes here and there. 'Tis a good song in overall. Keep it up!

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