So I was looking around the internet at building guitar body's, and some places i've read say they start out with two peices of wood, then join them together. Is this the normally done thing? Wouldn't it be easier just to use one single peice, and save gluing..

Are there any advantages/disadvantages of using either just one peice, or two peices for making a body?
I think guitars are usually made of two or three pieces of wood. I think the body of the guitar is less likely to warp if it's made of two or three pieces rather than one piece because it allows you to alternate the growth rings of the wood.
Well its not always possible ot find a peice of wood big enough. 2 piece bodies are actually quiet common.
A one-piece body will be expensive and probably hard to find, since not many slabs of wood that size will have no imperfections. It depends very much on the type of wood used, too. Basswood, for example, does not even grow wide enough to form a one-piece guitar body.

The fewer pieces, the more sustain (usually), but the difference between a one- and two-piece will be negligable.
alright, thanks for the info. I'm making this guitar at school, so they get loads of wood in at the start of each year, so two peices of mahogony shouldn't be too ahrd to come by (or so i'm told by a reliable source )