Wrote This A While Ago, About A Girl I Used To Know. Enjoy

Boulevard Girl


I Remember How You Cried That Night
Down On The Boulevard
Empty Faces All Staring Back
Their Hearts So Cold And Hard
A Whispered Word Fell From Your Lips
I Touched Your Shaking Fingertips
In The Neon Light We Made A Deal
The Time We'd Spend We'd Never Steal


Down On The Boulevard
Sometimes It Get So Hard
All We've Got Is The Night
One Chance To Make It Right


The Dancer Don't Look So Happy
Doing Her Act Under The Blue Lights
She's Got Some Scars She Ain't Showing
Her Safety Is No One Knowing
How Many Times That She Fell
Chasing All Her Broken Dreams
Finding Only Nightmare Schemes
And No One To Hold Her Hand


Verse Or Bridge (not Sure)

Broken Glass In A Dimlit Bar
Promises Made That Took Us Far
She Said I Don't Believe In The Promised Land
I Think It's Funny The Way Some People Make Their Stand

Chorus & Outro?

That's All I Got. Been Messing With Some Music But Nothing Yet.

nice use of imagery and flow. and sounds like ur talking to her. great. hope u continue to write some more pieces.