Hey all! First post here.......

I have been playing for MANY years but have just recently started with the Drop tuning. I am a wiz with the dropped D but I want to get deeper than that.
I am trying to play some Machine Head riffs but my tuning is not right.
I need to know if there is a site that has "Sound" while tuning down out there. Or if anyone could recommend an asskicking guitar tuner.

Anything chromatic with a line-in. Maybe even a floor tuner if you play live.
Machine Head tunning is not dropped D...and Machine Head played on 7 stringed guitar too...i think most of the songs is drop B(or something) if i remember right...
i would say a Korg or a Boss tunner is real fine
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Or you can get AP guitar tuner online.
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nono, youre able to tune your guitar to standard concert pitch right?

your bottom strring open / 12th fret harmonic should ring perfectly consonant with your standard D string.