This is pretty strange, never had this problem before.When I go to tune one string to something else, all the other strings **** up and go off in wierd pitches. Whats going on? I recently had a problem of the small child breaking string and messing with guitar when I wasn't looking variety.
When you tune one string, the wood on the guitar will shift. I think you're supposed to tune it like this:

Low E
High E

And then all of the strings are good. If it doesn't work, just wait for some one else to post.
I'm tuning by ear. It's strange, I get one tuned right, than I tune the next string to the first string. and when I let go of the first string it's out of tune. Heres what happend with my strings, my high E got snapped and I switched it for another, no big, and my low E and A string got loosened till they fell off and I had to reapply them. Maybe I should just put new strings in to fix?
Do you have a floyd rose tremolo? That could be the problem because they are hard to tune.
no, its not a floyd rose. I think its a FAT 10 or something like that. I never had this problem before today, now the strings just wont stay in tune at all. Like I said, its probably because my little brother made my bottom two strings fall off. He probably tried to put them back on and messed them up. I just leave the guitar sitting and the string goes sharp or flat.
Try getting some new strings. I've noticed that strings sometimes loose their ability to stay in tune when you detune to hell knows what then try to put it back in stanard tuning.
What kind of bridge/tremolo system are u using? Obviously..if you change the tension of only one string by tuning it up or down, you automatically change the tension of the other 5 strings at the same time. That's why they're no longer in tune. For a standard tremolo system this is actually only happening if you tune one string up, which means that you increase the tension of this string. That makes the tremolo system move a little bit upwards and by that, it releases tension for the rest of the strings, so they will be tuned down. With a free-hanging system (Floyd-Rose) the same thing will happen when tuning one or more strings down. In that case, the tension for the other strings gets higher and they will be "tuned up".
So actually you will have to re-tune all strings, even if you just wanted to change one of them.


Thats the problem though. I start to bring it to standard tuning, and after I get the low E string tuned, I go to the next string. By the time I have that one tuned, the low E is really sharp or really flat.

I also did some messing with intonation this morning, if that helps. But that was on the high E string.
are they relativly new strings? try stretching them for a while. When you first put on strigns you have to tune them constantly basically for like 10 minutes because they are settling and stretching.
does your bridge look like either one off these?

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It looks like the bottom one, except it has a tremolo. And yes, they are relatively new strings, but they havn't had any problems with staying in tune until just now.
Did you pick the same gauge strings as you had last time?

And is the bridge slightly raised? By this, i mean, does it look like the bridge in this picture...
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Ill just ask a bunch of questions in this one post... it might be faster that way:

How new are the strings?
When did you put them on?
Did you stretch them in?
When you tune your guitar does the bridge move upwards?
How stable are your tuners on the headstock?
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Theres only two things i can think off.
1) when you adjust say the Low E string, thats reliving tension in the spring in the back cavity making the other strings loose.
Try loosening the strings, screwing the two screws in the back cavity into the body further (making sure all 2 or preferably 3 springs are all paralell to each other). Then try cross tuning. Its been said before: Low E - High E - A - B - D - G in that order.

or, which i hope it isnt this one:
2) You have a warped neck.

How do you store your guitar? is it usually left leaning of anything?

Thats all i can think of at the moment though sorry
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