Anybody here like the band Foreigner?

What's your favourite song by them?

Mine is Juke Box Hero.
I think that they're pretty good... they're one of my more "guilty pleasures". I enjoy their music, even though their lyrics are really cheesy.

My favorite song by them is Juke Box Hero or Long, Long Way from Home.
Ivve seen them live, pretty good.
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Cold As Ice
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They're one of those bands that it seems most people know the songs of theirs that are played on the radio (which is quite a few).

They got a lot of criticism because many people thought they were trying to "commercialize" their music.
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Cold As Ice

This guy knows his shit.
and i also love Feels Like The First Time
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Meh, they aren't terrible, but I kind of lost interest in the band, when upon hearing a set of rather uninspired lyrics I jokingly guessed "Whoa, that song must belong to Foreigner" and discovered that I was, in fact, correct...
Still have a bit of a soft spot for "Cold as Ice" though, as well as "Head Games," which is kicking around the house somewhere on vinyl.