I have a Vox AD30VT and am deciding between these 2 pedals.....do you think it is worth the extra money for the DS-2?
i also have the DS-1, i also love it. haha
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DS-2 is as Ds-1 and more. I have it and it is good! Not for Metal though
the ds-2 has new turbo circuits in it.........therefore when the turbo switch is at I its more like a ds-1 but when u switch it to II it has much more bite for solos ect............
i have the same amp (vox ad30vt) and i got the boss mt2 and its muchh better than the ds1 and ds2.
i use a Danelectro FAB Dist as a boost on the UK 80's (also Boutique OD sometimes) amp model and it gets HEAVY!!!!! i suggest the FAB Dist, its only $15 too.
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The DS-2 has a DS-1 and an SD-1(or OD-1, forgot) circuit, with a knob to pan between the two. It's just a bit more versatile if you want more of and OD sound at times.
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