i am bussy making a song, i have the intro you can hear it at Purevolume , i hope you don't completely hate it...

but i wanted to make the real song a bit like the beginning of don't cry, but when i try stuff it just sucks or is as good as the same as don't cry.

can someone plz help me start a riff or give sugestions to get me going?

my gear? LOL

V-tone pack (the cheapest i have seen ever, but it works for me)
and to record my also cheap headset
Try starting on an open G and improvising... thats how I always go about it. You cold use another string or whatever... try using pentatonics to improvise with
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White man came (Cumming noise)
Across the sea (Wow!!!)
Brought us pain (Right in the eye, it was)
And misery ( Points to pregnant sister)
Run to the hills, iron maiden
dont worry about it we all sucked when we first started.

here do this: http://josh.middlepath.com/memnoch9615/Pentatonic.gif

experiment with that pentatonic stuff

experiment with this major scale : http://cyberflotsam.com/images/Music_Maj-1.gif

try to hand pick each note and you will come up with something... the more you play, the more you learn the fret board. I have a friend who hardly can read tabs but he has been playing since he was 5 and he has the fretboard memorized and plays better than most classical guitarists i can name off the top of my head. He can hear a song and replicated it instantly becuase he has a musical ear and knows where to put his fingers.
but if i go into scales, should my intro not be in the same scale, and for if make another song, is it better to stay a whole song in the same scale?

thx for all the reactions