I just got an electric guitar...PRS SE...4 days ago and have never played one before.

I know about 5 chords by position but I am having a hard time remembering them by their letter....I should study that...

anyways I got the DVD and book learning guitar for dummies and its taught me some basics but I was just wondering what else I should start learning on my own for guitar

I play electric guitars only and want to play rock/pop but for start jazz songs are good as they are slow.
wait, you've just started learning guitar, and you got a prs se?!

The letter your referring to is the chord name. There are 7 letters, each letter represents a note. You get get sharp and flat notes. Its very very complicated if your a beginner.

Have you played much of the guitar before? What do you already know?
Questions like these will help people answer your main question more accuratly
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i just saw this thread and thought "ouch...flaming" but nevertheless. yeah as logz said 7 letters, A-G, you'll see things like Am

A, B, Cm - The m infront of the letter represents the word Minor, which indicates that it is a minor chord, minor meaning sad basically
you should probably search around for a teacher also. it's not a necessity but it does help. A good teacher can show you what you're doing wrong and teach you more than a book ever can. But a cheap, bad teacher is just as good as a book really, so get it from a teacher who has had experience.
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thanks for the info guys..yea i got a good guitar just to start out on...others didn't have that great a review and i needed "Clean tuned" pickups

also..it was a great deal for $300 and free shipping....musiciansfriend.com

they just upped the price a few days ago

I know all the major chords and C minor or in the correct way Cm

other than that...i can read tabs fairly well..just have to get my speed up on some things.

I will look for a teacher...last one i looked up was about $30 an hour....im not sure what the average around here is but im sure it wont be cheap....but it is something that's needed.
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