Hey all - it would b great to tell me what u think of the warm up jam that we do - its on the myspace and its the video in the 'aboutshatsbassoon' bit.

Some people say its a bit heavier than the stuff we do (look at the covers!) but yea it sounds alright - the chords i made up and we just jammed over that


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can't hear it that good since the recording quality is a video camera, nonetheless it is a good heavy riff. Not really my style, but I enjoyed listening to it. Very metallica-ish. Even though I couldn't hear them too well the soloes sounded good and I didn't hear any glaring mistakes. You should make it into a real song with vocals and freak out your friends!
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thanks for ur comments!

to mrmo - more specifically which solo needs more work on? The chinese one or the guy with the red t-shirt...

thanks again!
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Pretty good. As previously said, it's hard to really determine how good it sounds because of the poor recording quality, but it sounds like it'd be great if it was constructed into an actual song. Nice Myspace btw
Yeah it seems alright, but the quality isn't too good, eh? The solo(s) I can't really hear however, but seems alright. The third solo was the best I'd think.
Well, sorry about what I said about theory. Seems to me that the guy in black know what scales to play. The thing you both should work on, is to bend properly. Once you get really good to bend in the right pitch, it will not sound out of tune.
Other than that, the solo to the guy in black sounded Ok.
The guy in the red T-shirt sounded very inexperienced with improvising. It seemed to me like he was just playing random notes. He needs to know some scales a bit better.
Which one was you?
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