Okay, I have a 5 switch selection thing for pick ups, if I have it set so it's all the way down( knob heading towards ground), is this the way that distortion won't buzz or whatever.

I read on a thread about this, how distortion wouldn't give a ringing buzz sound if you had it set in a certain way, and I'd like to know what way this is?

sorry, I just started guitar 5 months ago, and my teacher never told us anything about this.
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Do you have a Strat type guitar? with 3 single coils? or a humbucker and 2 single coils? or some other setup

the positions from top to bottom on a guitar with a SSS pickup arrangment:
1 - only the neck pickup
2 - the neck and the middle pickup in a humbucking setup in parallel
3 - only the middle pickup
2 - the bridge and the middle pickup in a humbucking setup in parallel
5 - only the bridge pickup

positions 2 and 4 shouldn't have any hum
the second or forth posistion reduces the hum in a single coil guitar, but i dont really understand your question.

The pickup selector selects the pickups right? The first posistion (far right) only selects the bridge pickup.
2nd posistion selects the bridge and middle pickup (hence why it reduces the hum a little bit - acts slightly like a humbucker), 3rd posistion middle pickup only, 4th posistion, middle and neck pickup (again acts slightly like a humbucker) and 5th posistion neck pickup only
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i have an ibanez gio, kinda cheap i guess, but didn't want to waste money on a starting guitar, well the neck pickup is singlecoil the middle is singlecoil and the bridge pickup is a humbucker pickup

Ahh I'm pretty sure I figured it out thhough