Ok. This weekend, I am going to start on my strat. I am going to dissassemble it, strip down all the paint, stain it, and change a few other things as well. I will be changing the pickguard, the plate that covers the springs, to one that is pearloid. then I will change the hardware. (Haven't decided if I want gold or black yet.) And possibly a kill switch. I have a question though. How do I install a kill switch? And Nitrocellulose will work for the clear right? Or should I get a laquer? This is the first time I've done any refinishing. All comments are appreciated.

Cheers, Dave
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Im pretty sure nitrocellulous is just the type of lacquer and yeah it should work. As for a kill switch you would just need to add a push to break switch (bucket style) or just a regular 2 way toggle on the cable to mono jack.
Ok. Should I go with Black or Gold hardware? I forgot to make a poll when I started this and now it wont let me make one. So yeah. Input on what hardware you think I should use would be great.

, Dave
rlly depends on ur color of stain if its a nice jazzish (sp) loking guitar like my strat rebuild is when its bare wood, i like mine with chrome, but gold would look better with a stained guitar.
I'm going more for a darker, richer looking stain. So I will probably end up going with gold hardware. Kinda like this:

But that is a little too bright, I would go with something just a little bit darker.