Which Marshall amp setup is better for AC-DC/Gun N Roses

Amp 1

TSL 100

Amp 2


i have a gibson les paul standard and a line 6 pod xt live
the TSL100 >>>>>>>>> the overhyped hybrid/solid state Mode Four

get the TSL
^ agreed. TSL100 > Mode Four. However both are good amps, I'm not saying the Mode Four is ****ty. It is hybrid however, and I'm not quite sure what one would do with 350 watts of hybrid power. Prolly sounds ****ty turned up all the way.

seljer, Love the Mitch Hedburg quote.

there are lots of m4 haters on here, its not that bad of an amp! (mg anyone)

but of course you want true valve!!
TSL way over the Mode 4.
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if you want ac/dc and g n r you might want to look at some of the older marshalls- or even the dsl...
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get on ebay and pick up a jcm800 or a jcm900 with el34s
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yeh I thought the mode 4 was supposed to be Marshall's next attempt at high gain after the jcm 900, in fact I am pretty sure that Malakian from SOAD used one when I saw them on the toxicity tour.
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yeh I thought the mode 4 was supposed to be Marshall's next attempt at high gain after the jcm 900, in fact I am pretty sure that Malakian from SOAD used one when I saw them on the toxicity tour.

yeah he does hes in alot of the adds for them.

The mode four is a great amp but no one needs 350W of guitar. Id rather get the tsl and if you want real high gain for metal that the TSL's cant get on their own then get a DS-1.

personally id take a jcm800/900 reissue or second hand over the TSL but the TSL is far more versatile.
Stay well clear of the Mode 4, there horrible. If you can find one, get the marshall anniversary head, there awesome, really versatile to. Like a Plexi, 800 and 900 in one head. Killer clean sound to.
i have the tsl 60a combo love it, ive played on a few Mode 4s they are pretty tight but more for like nu metal or modern rock, and i think you have to buy the m4 cab i dont think the 60a has enough powerhandling for it, but i might be wrong
Hey, is the anniversary that good ??
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Listen i own both of these amps and there's not a whole lot wrong with the Mode 4. i still feel that the clean channel on them is actually better than the TSL100 but as an amp overall i do prefer the TSL.
you can really hear the quality of an amp when it feedbacks and the TSL has a lovely creamy almost musical feedback!

i'd say to go with the TSL man, you won't go far wrong and i find it to be very versatile.

i'm just sick of people slagging off the Mode 4 when most of them haven't even played one.

Dave Navarro uses two Mode 4's for his clean sound and he sounds awesome live.

try them both out man!
TSL all the way. i love it so much.

but, if your interested, i've got a dsl100 i'm putting on ebay soon, if your interested let me know and i'll send you the link.
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Don't mean to steal the topic, but what's the difference between the TSL60 and the TSL100? I notice the the TSL60 has some EQ options missing. Other than that, how different is it tonewise?
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40 watts is really the only difference some people prefer lower wattage
^^ yea you can get cruchy breakup at a lower volume and the tubes in general sound more saturated without having to push the amp very loud.
mode four will be crap for that kind of music. mode four will only sound good if you are playing something terrible and you want lots of crappy gain and muddy low end to mask your errors. yes...they suck!

i would recommend a DSL 2000 - on classic gain channel should be close to perfect.
Of course the Mode 4 will sound bad when it's cranked! Perhaps that's why they gave it so much head room... I'm sure it sounds amazing turned up half way.