Forgive me, I
said some stuff

Loudly, it's
pretty rough

Scold me, okay
that's enough

While you were hunched,
sitting on the chair
You sat wrapped in my clothes,
I wasn't there

Please me, I
couldn't agree more

**** me, be
my little *****

Ignore me, I'm
just here to bore

While you were hunched,
standing in the glare
I showed you ****,
it isn't fair


It's done with an acoustic
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well the bleeped out parts are a four letter word that deals with sex and the other is what you call a guy/girl who sleeps around a lot.
this was very bad

i have no suggestions. burn it, and write something else
Quote by HendrixEdge
My work will never be to the majority's tastes; and to be honest; I've no problem in accepting that.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.
Pretty sparse; you leave a lot to the imagination. That can work in certain contexts, but it could be done better here. You did a good job creating a mood, but a little more information won't hurt that.
I know no one wants to hear this, but dude, this would be better if you avoid some of the cussing. I know it is not much, but this song would be just as good with out it. It is slightly vague.
The title was AWESOME, i liked it.

And I agree with no cussing, it cheapens the dialogue. I mean, it works for some songs, hard rock mostly, but here the swears just seem tossed in, they're not really necessary.
Well, one of the bleeps isn't a curse. And I can't help the cursing, it just means a lot more when I play it live for ppl. But I can see what you say. Thanks