Hey there old chaps,

As just about everyone I've got an old Squire Strat laying (standing) around which I don't really use... at all. I don't really want to keep it that way, but I also don't want to get rid of it, since it is kinda something special.
So I had the idea of customizing it quite a while, but recently I decided it would be cool to just change the paint a bit, try to make it look 'vintage' (cq. bash it up), but most of all, try to scallop the frets.
Now, first I think I'm gonna want a new(-ish) neck, I don't like the frets on this one (too low for me) and the back is a bit dented.
What neck would you recommend me to get, where would I be most likely to get it, and what is it gonna cost me?

Thanks in advance
If you're sure u dont wanna keep the squier neck (and i heard thats the best part of squiers, dont quote me on this) you could always scallop it, and see if you like it, because you might just scallop the new neck you get and think "**** now its way to hard to play"
Good point, if I like the effect I could always buy a mintier neck and do it again (Even though I've it's a ****load of work), and if I don't... I can still buy a mintier neck and not do it. :P

Ok, so would anyone have any idea on how to DIY this?
Get a pencil and sandpaper. Or a round 1/4" file if you have one. Tape off the frets and file, only file until ou get to the top of hte side fret markers. You can go deeper or more shallow if you want. Be sure to check the fret every so often.