my band has recently just gotten full members 2 guitars bass drums vocals our bassist sings and our vocalist does mostly screaming with occasional singing were looking to be a melodic metal band but have breakdowns but also with like catchy singing verses and choruses kind of like chiodos but with a more old underoath feel the four songs we have now all sound different but you can tell we wrote them but is it a good thing to have a wide variety of things like going from a reall melodic catchy verse into a reall sick breakdown would people enjoy that or be like wtf?@!?! we dont want to fit into the local trend but we all have different influences that we want to throw into the mix
damn that is one long sentence but i actually read it but it basically sounds like every other band out right now you know it basically just sounds like what silverstein thrice atreyu and all those other bands do with singing and breakdowns and screaming and bascially all that warped tour garbage but if you want to do that go a head but it isn't excatly original you know but whatever floats ur boat
i guess you kind of misunderstood the last part of the sentence. the part that said were trying to do it in a way that isnt following the trend lol. horse the band is actually on warped tour this year just so you know.
Follow the trend. People will like you better.
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I'd stick with the diversity - it should never be a problem and should keep your band from being one with an album full of the same song over and over again. It's a good thing - just try and keep something similar in all your songs - whether it's huge crescendos or catchy choruses and riffs. You need some way of distinguishing yourselves.