ok i want a epi explorer because i want to stick out when i play (no one in any of the local bands play and explorer) but i hate the distortion and ive been playin a les pual for about 3 year and i absolutly love it! can i change the pickups to make it have more less the tone and crunch that me les pual gets . . . and kind of random are dirty finger pickups any good? let me know what u think! thnx
Get EMGs

your mouth will drop once you hit the distortion pedal

edit: actually since you seem to be a classic rock guy get a Seymour Duncan JB for the bridge and a Seymour Duncan 59er for the neck

that combination is the most killer classic rock tone you can get
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The distortion on my mahogany Epi Explorer left a lot to be desired although the clean was pretty good. As soon as I upgraded to the Gibson Burstbucker Pros, it projected more authority ... not face-melting but very good for the occasional metal. I'm more of classic rock.
What kind of Les Paul are you referring to? For classic rock tones, I'd recommend a PAF clone in the neck position (like a Dimarzio PAF, PAF Pro, etc), and something a little hotter in the bridge. Try out a guitar with a JB in it, some people love them but others find them to be too harsh and trebly. I wouldnt go with something with tons of output IMO as they don't sound nice clean and often sacrifice tone for output- something like a Tone Zone or Dimarzio Joe might be worth looking into for a more shreddy feel to it.
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