Awesome song mate !! I really liked it .. the solo was great and the riffs were very cool... It would be even better If you put some vocals in it .. keep the good work man ..
Rock On!!!!
You cover Worms 2, hahaha, how randomly awesome.

okay listening to the song, nice intro, these are midi drums? ahh..yes. haha, I use FruityLoops for mine, did they sound really fake? it's just the way you immediately asked what program I use. I fooled 2 drummers into thinking I actually played those drums.

Your riffs are pretty sweet, the drums do let it down. Mainly because it seems like there's no bass, if you can, EQ the drums to have less highs and boost the lows to get the kick more powerful. Sounds good, nice n heavy. The harmonic (I think?) riff somewhere in the middle is pretty rad too. So to conclude, just do something about the midi drums
Tone is a bit thick, not quite crunchy enough, at least when I hear it....

Drums leave a little bit to be desired, but that's not really your fault, theyre sufficient.

Riffs are awesome, kinda children of bodom esque.

1:32 breakdown was great.

lead tone wasnt that great, I think you should put delay on the whole thing, instead of just that last lead section.
The solo itself was kickass though.

I liked how it ended too, drums really jazzed it up.

great job dude. Mostly just tonal issues, but that could just be me.
I liked it. Drums dont have to much quality to them, you can really only hear the snare drum clearly. Cool riffs especially around the 1:30 mark. Solo fits in there very nicely. From 2-2:45 is probably the best part of the song to me. Didnt care much for the ending, id like it better if it ended around the 3:30 mark. Kind of a real abrupt ending would sound good for this, but thats just me.
Hey , I really liked your song . In the 2:15 mark was awesome man .the breakdown after the solo and **** ..cool..
The solo was quite satisfying but i think you should have put soft delay in the first solo instead of just in the one after the breakdown at 2:15
I liked the power heavy metalish sound you made . keep on the good work man .
To sum up , your song was very nice , just needed a delay in the first lead solo.. (that's my opinion)
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