k, i duno if any of you listen to any sort of core, (hardcore, metalcore) but i was wondering if any of you know what would sound good for the high gain and everything


ive been reccomended ampeg cab with a peavey head and a jackson to top it off, duno if thats a good combo or not, but if you guys havent heard the music or dont know what im talking about, just give me some good loud high gain preferences.

cabinets: your standard Marshall and Mesa cabs work fine

heads: (the ones I can think of right now)
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Bogner Uberschall
Marshall JCM2000 TSL (possibly, I think a couple of bands use them)
Peavey 5150 (now called the 6505)
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hmmm... lets see...

id probably go with an ibanez rg, or maybe an lp, but there are a lot of options here.

A dual rectifier

and the matching cab
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guitar - is usually a personal choice. Something with good humbuckers though like seymour duncans or emgs. Personally i like esps, or bc rich nt guitars with switched out pickups

head - mesa rectifier dont bother with a dual rect youll never use all the power

cab - matching mesa cab
For head check out the B-52 At-100. I am not saying this simply because I just got this an hour ago, because the reviews on harmony central say all 9's and 10's. It is said to be the poor mans rectifier. If you can afford a rectifier than do that.
thanks for all the help, also for the head/cab together to be somewhere around more or less 900 dollars