Yoooo....check out this song and tell me what you think.

I know we just met, and all this is new
but let me say, I've got a good feeling about you.
How will you ever know?
or will i ever show,

Will I let you walk away,
not get myself in too deep.
But who am I kidding,
I'm already in over my feet.

But then you show up at my house,
hang out for a while,
oh and i can't take my eyes
off your smile.

But will I send you home,
not get myself in too deep.
oh but who am i kidding,
I'm already waist deep.

Days pass, and nights go by,
dreaming of your by my side.
I haven't seen you in a while,
and how I miss that pretty smile.

but then late one night,
you show up after work
with a pillow to spend the night.
oh, but is this right?
I'm going to wake up from this bed,
so far in over my head.

And so I hold you for a while,
and I can't seem to rid this smile,
from my face.
oh, what brought you to this place.

Then I have your hand,
and I'm beginning to understand.
But now I'm drowning,
I said I'm drowning in your love.
But I'm gonna learn to swim.
Why don't you just drown? Nah, but really it's a great song. A little hazy in the middle, but the ending pulls it from despair. I liked it a lot. What kind of melody do you combine it with? And if you wanna bash my songs, they are in the forum.
This is good, lol. I like how you use the song and progress it with the water rising. Have you ever heard the song by Johnny cash...umm...I think it's called Boa Constricter. Basically it talks about a boa constrictor eating him, starting with feet and going up to his head. It's pretty funny and corny, but yeah...this reminded me of that. But it's a good song. Nice work.