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SG Standard
9 50%
Les Paul Studio
4 22%
ESP Deluxe
5 28%
Voters: 18.
Well, the time's come to upgrade my fernandes retrorocket to a higher end guitar. Problem is, I've been reading some reviews on the guitars that I'm looking at and there's some discrepancy. The guitars I'm looking at are:

--Gibson Les Paul Studio
--Gibson SG Standard
--ESP Deluxe EC-1000

Some of the discrepancies are, for example, some people are saying that the SG's neck is quite thin and others say that it is so fat that its useless for solos. Also, some say that the LP studio isn't versitile at all and others say that it's the most versitile thing in the world...Who's telling the truth?

But anyways, I would realy appreciate it if somebody could give me some clarification on which of these guitars would be the best bang for the money that's gonna be dished out for them. How do the components and woods match up? Also, how do the seymore duncan pickups match up against the gibson pickups that come in standard in the gibson models? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton in advance. (For reference, I'm highly influenced by classic rock and blues, and I'm looking for a pretty hard, cutting, lead tone)
ive heard the studio has some quality issues. never played the esp, but i know the sg is pretty awesome. You can solo on anything, but it will be easier on a neck that fits your hands. go try them out and see how it feels.
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Go try them out. Only that way you can decide on what you like.


But to answer your questions...

Seymour>Gibson pups

Sg neck i felt it was the same width as a 60's neck. Still rather thick.

all are mahagony bodied
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I would get the Esp, I played the Studio and the SG Standard and neither one really suited me. May be a different story for you. I personally don't think that the Studio is to versatile. A higher end Eppy could get you a better sound, Hence i bought a Epiphone Elitist and it sounds better. The Sg Standard .. well it is ok. I wouldnt get it though, I would save up to get a higher end one.