hey i have this chord progression E D A A as barre chords for the verse and then E Bm C#m A for the chours and for the solo im gonna solo over the verse what scale should i use? will it be A major?
E mixolydian (fifth mode of A major).
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Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is playing from E to octave E in the key of A.
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Quote by Pete Griffin
Use the E major scale. You can't use A major because your in the key of E major.

Incorrect. There is no Dchord, or even Dnote for that matter, in a E major scale.

I suggest if you keep things simple (which I'm sure you'd like, and this is no offence ) you can play in Amajor. However, since you start on an Emajor chord, the technical name for it is Emixolydian. This has the same notes as an Amajor scale, so don't worry about that too much.
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