Well, not necesarilly, i guess i kinda implied thats the kind of music we play. But, just in general, do you think if four people exactly like zepelin, beatles, or the who got together and made a band that sounded just like them, would they make it big? like, if the beatles had come now, and not in the 60's, do u think beatlemania would happen?
you know, i reckon there is an audience for it, even if its just posers trying to goet into a 'retro vibe'
But seriuosly, id say about 10% of guys in my year (gay boys only school) like your mentioned bands and their ethos.
But i guess my school is full of weirdos...
No, seriously.
beatlemania paved the way for many types of music. so prolly ya. if the beatles came today, we'd still be listening to old jazz, and old rock and roll. Not metal or anything that has been derived from the beatles, 'cause it wouldn't be here
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no not especially, i dont think it would fuse especially well, and theyre probably be a small audience for it. And its a very big claim to have "Who-esque creativity". Just go write some good songs, instead of screwing with saying you have this an that influences
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why yes, I think all the time.

Haha, well I chuckled at that.

As to the question, just play good music and put on a good, entertaining show. If you can do that you'll do alright.
And if you sound exactly like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin or The Who, you'll never get anywhere because people would rather listen to them, and not a band that sounds like them.
well first of all, as i said, we played that music, i didnt say we had that creativity. my statement was general and then u made it about my band, so im not saying were as good as the who or beatles or zep. i didnt meen for this thread to be about my band, i just was askinga general statement. but i think someevildude's suggestion is a good one, in that u have to make a good stage show, were not a knockoff in creativity or abiliyty or sound, i was just wondering about the success of someone like the beatles nowadays. id dont want my band to sound like a knock off of some legendary bands, but i also dont want it to sound like a knockoff of some metal bands and emo stuff today either. i want to stand out in a good way.