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Single coils and humbuckers are preferred over split-humbuckers for slapping/popping.
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what about neck thru basses?...I heard slapping on them was a no-no...I dunno if its true though
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Slapping on a neck thru won't sound as good as slapping in a bass with a lot of bolts, because more bolts give more sustain yet a more snappy sorta tone too. Neckthrus have a LOT more sustain and a warmer tone, so it's not as recommended for slapping.

However, if you have a neck thru bass you CAN slap and it CAN sound good, if you like the sound of your bass being slapped.

If you're going to be slapping all the time, you'd probably be beter off not getting a neck thru, but if you have a neck thru you still can slap.
As far as humbuckers vs P or J p/u's, I've got a 5 string Kramer (neck through, 2 soapbar hb's), and a cheap Harmony P/J bolt on 4 string. The Kramer's about oh, $300? and the Harmony's worth maybe $25, but the Harmony completely owns the Kramer when it comes to slapping. Especially when using the P. (But the Kramer owns the Harmony in every other aspect, so its all good)
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Wootens Ying-Yang bass (you know the one i mean) has a split coil and a single coil and that sounds awsome. it's all personal preference, you just get different sounds depending on the set up.
prefer Split coils myself. single coils however :ahh:

oh yea, the question...it still sounds amazing
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