if i was taking one of those quiz things were im given a word and i have to put down the first thing that comes to mind and the word that came up was punk, id prolly say cover. which is unfortunate for the genre.
Yeah, I like it.

The eighteen visions song is pure rubbish. So was the original.

Tis nice, all in all but there's no Radiohead...
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Yeah I didn't like the eighteen visions one very much either. I think that's the only one I didn't really like. The whole cd is just so amazing. =D *fanboy smile*
i just think most of the bands they use suck.
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I enjoy the concept of the album. I have a sweet tooth for 90's alternative rock music and it's amusing to see modern emo/pop-punk groups covering old 90's songs. Haven't got a chance to listen but it sounds interesting.
Some songs are good, some are bad. The same as most Punk Goes CDs. I can't remember what I liked, but there were some pretty good tracks on there yeah!
Gym Class Heroes- Under The Bridge is the best on the album

Everyone else has tried to sound like the original...

Plain White T's cover of Song 2 is just appalling
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Really liked the 80's one, have yet to hear this but I'm sure in time it will be heard.
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ive got punk goes acoustic and punk goes pop and i love them. the acoustic one is the best (i just love acoustic songs). the punk goes 80's was okay and i got a few songs from that on itunes, the whole album wasnt worth it though

ive been listenting to the R.E.M. -losing my religion by scary kids scaring kids and it sounds incredible. cant wait to get the rest of the album
i hated scray kids' version of losing my relgion
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well, im impresed with most of the songs on this. personally i dont think some of these would be in my tops list for the 90's but whatever. The Losing My Religion is probably the best on the cd. i love the solo and their singer did it so well. Love the third eye blind and gin blossoms ones. The Alanis Morisette by the killing moons is really unneeded but they did a decent job with it. so overall a prety good cd, only like like half of the songs though so a bit of a waste of money on my part
i like a few of the songs, but some are just meh. cool idea though, the 90's rocked.

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