So me and my friends get together to jam but alot of the times we're lost on what to play.

Can anyone recommened some good yet relatively easy song to play on the guitar and drums?

My friend who drums cant keep up with the stuff I want to play so its kind of frustrating.
white stripes! good, kickass, simple riffs.
just because you feel it dosnt mean its there
I'd recommend lots of AC/DC if you're into them. Usually pretty basic beats, and songs like Shot Down In Flames especially kick ass
Stinging a bunch of power chords together is really fun sometimes.
Some Blink 182 stuff is fun for that same reason.

-I'm From the Bahamas-
Cocaine (Hendrix Version)
Beavis an Butthead Theme (Gwar)
I Believe in a Thing Called Love (The Darkness)
Juicebox (The Strokes)
Iron Man (Black Sabbath)
Can't Stop (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Black Dog (Led Zepplin)
DOA (Foo Fighters)
If your drummer isn't that good I wouldn't suggest Blink to be honest. Travis is a pretty awesome drummer and even their old stuff usually has pretty fast drumming.
Sure the guitar stuff is easy, but that doesn't mean the drumming is!

Green Day on the other hand are just power chords all over the place and the drumming is pretty easy too. (I play both drums and guitar, so I know that its easy!)