Is it necessary to learn other peoples songs to play? I mean I know alot almost everyone does but is it needed to learn to play? I dunno just a thought. Wouldn't just learning theory and everything make lyour style of music much better of the get go instead of learning from someone else? I dunno just a wierd thought.
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Course not, I just think it's more fun if you can play something that other people recognise.
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Play someone else's stuff cam make you a better guitarrist.Try playing some of Kirk Hammet solos, or Jimi Hendrix.It's not needed...but I agree with alliwant, everyone can recognise popular rock songs.
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It gives a better idea of how structure of songs and how others approach songwriting - sometimes after playing a certain song/riff you then come up with something you never would of otherwise.
Yeah, learning other songs is not only fun, but it can also teach you more about playing.
If you play other peoples songs and like how they sound it influences you when you go to write your own music and then you love the music your writing due to the similarities. I dont mean the same riffs and chord changes just the same basic ideas.
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