So... Im in need of some help

I have a backing track for adams song... that im suppose to do a cover of, and it has bass and drums in it, well the bass is in like 2 keys lower and sounds like crap... I tried messing around in cool edit pro, but i have no idea if its even possible to mute the bass.. or something
im sure someone who knows their stuff could lend a lil bit of insight.. please?

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
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The short answer to both your questions is...


Once audio is rendered you can removed audio data from it, you might be able to lower certian bandwidths but that wont remove a specific sound.
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So I could quieten the guitars, bass and drums, and dub my own on.


Or, if not, I could ask Chris Spedding if he has the masters... hmmm.

Cheers man.
You can tune your guitar 2 semitones lower, cuz thats how adams song is done by blink
Try and find the frequencies the bass is on, and lower them.
If you just need the bass higher, send me the track - I'll digitally transpose it.
The only way is if you get lucky and the bass and drums are split into left and right stereo tracks... Then you could just mute the channel that the bass is on and you'd be set. The recording of Crazy Train that I have in the covers thread was stereo split like that and I was gonna take out the bass and record my own lower version, but got lazy and just re-tuned my guitar.
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Adams song is played a whole step down. Unborn if you want I can create a backing track of just drums, or the drums and the bass if you want? Send me a PM.