Hey guys!

So, my school is giving me a gift certificate to GC this week, and I will be for now finalizing my rack....furman power conditioner, korg dtr-1000, and a TC electronics M-300 effects processor.

Now, I have the TC running in the FX loop, tried it for the first time today, and it sounds great! I just have to level everything out, as I have the send, return, and other level knobs on the unit itself. Once I find the balance, it will be fine.

My biggest concern is the Korg......I was originally hoping to just put it in the loop also, but that way, because of the nature of the recto FX loop, I would not be able to mute for tuning.

So, how would you guys recommend I set up the tuner? For simplicity sake, I thought I should just put it last in my signal chain, right before the amp. I tried it with my friends DTR today, and it didn't seem to suck any tone at all.....

My other option would be to use an A/B switch....A to my pedal chain and amp, and B to the tuner....problem with this is, that I will need yet another long cable to run from B to the tuner. But, with this way, I will not need a one button footswitch for muting, so technically, it isn't that big of a deal. I'd have to go buy an A/B, a patch cable to go to A, and a long cable to go to B.....My only problem here is that I have not yet found a good A/B box....most seem to be either very poor or horrible tone sucks from what I read.

What would you advice? Any bright ideas come to mind?

Thanks for all the help!
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No sure on the exact value.....$200-$300?
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Do you use any stomps that have two outputs, say for stereo? If you do you could run it from that. I have lots of stomps that I swap on and off my board but I always run the tuner out of the chains signal. Many Boss stomps have the second output, great for tuners.
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You mean about putting the tuner up front? I'm really not to happy with doing it, but it would simplify things alot......

What do you guys think?

No, I'm talking about the whole digital rackmount effect unit thing your gonna have going. I thought you said multi-effect units sound digital and garbage?
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Heh know what you mean. What I would like for a rack setup is actually all solid state haha.
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