hey everybody this an acoustic song i recorded check it out and tell me what u think it was recorded using firepod and sonar 4 and a rodent2000 and a crappy spanish guitar that cost 60 buck doesnt even have a name anyway check it out and tell me what u think ! stoopid me i forget the link the first time lol www.putfile.com/cool_neo2000 ouf lol
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oo ****--- I like that and i always loved Spanish guitar. I actually cant believe how good that is its very ethnic... I'm sure people would buy it if it was on a CD.

I wouldnt change a thing about it. Get a purevolume and put it online so that people can find it and listen to you.

The vocals are great and the guitar parts are sweet bc i love spanish scales they rock.

crit for crit

lol i am glad u like the scales ur taking about is what in algerian they call SIKA ! which is bassicly a mode of E minor i think its something like that i'll try and post more stuff ! theyre's loads i am currently preparing an album with a singer in algeria .