I have a schecter omen-6. The stock pickups blow for distortion and feedback through pretty much all the amps ive used it on (Including a mesa triple rectifier).

I bought a dimebucker and want to swap it for the stock pickup. there is volume control. 3 position pickup switch, and one tone control. I opened the back and there are wires everywhere and I have no idea in crap where to start. Does anybody know about shecter wiring?

If a photo is needed I can take one.

I want to set them up with the standard series wiring but the stock pickups dont even had the same wiring that the dimebucker does.... I am lost please help.

right there- yrou stock scheter pups only have @ wires- so dont unsolder the neck pup at all. just unsolder the bridge pup- and re install exactly as the diagram says and it will sound great

bts- idk if the dime is splitable- but if it is- get a pushpull pot and you can split it it/series it
only have @ wires? oh yhea mean 2... yes they have 2 wires but the dimebucker comes with 4 plus one ground. where do i place the 4 of them?

ps i very much appreciate you helping me
^ the ground gets attached to the ground wire- it goes into it own seperate hole- just cut it- and atacht eh 3 wires together

the red and green get soldered together* i dotn know the dimbucker wire colors, but w/e the 2 colored wires are*

and the black* not the ground* goes to you switch
Black wire goes to the switch.
Red and white twisted together and insulated.
Green and Bare to the grounding point (back of volume pot)
These go to eleven...
wow, great diagram....
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I dont know where to solder the wires for ground. Where the hell is the ground spot? I tried the selecter and the volume pot but still no sound comes out of the bottom pickups when plugged in.

I really need help... These were 95 dollar pickups and I need to use them.

I wrapped the red and white wires together and taped them... i soldered the black (hot wire) onto the selector switch where the previous pickup wire was soldered to. now I am trying to find where the hell to put the ground wires.

Will the pickups seize to work if the ground wires arent put on properly?
Yes they will, also if the red and white aren't joined together properly. The grounding point should be the back of the volume pot. Check that the ground wire from the jack goes to there, and one from each pickup. That's all that's essential to make it work.
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where exactly is the back of the volume pot? do i have to create a grounding point or is there one already?

there is a pic... the **** on top is the selector switch... the bottom right is the volume pot... so explain to me where to solder the damn thing. please
It might not be the volume pot. Look at your input jack, theres two wires, one will be going to the middle lug on the volume pot. The other one will be going to a grounding point somewhere. Wherever it's going, take the pickup grounds there too.
The right lug on the volume pot should also be grounded, looks to me like the grounding point is that big splodge of solder thereabouts.
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The black wire from the imput jack goes to that splodge of solder. the white wire goes to the middle lug. white is the ground wire i am assuming? but no other wires are soldered to that spot. there is 3 black wires that all are soldered to the top of the volume pot... would that mean its the central grounding spot? I soldered the green and bare wires there before and got a very very weak tone from the pickups that was almost inaudible.

So if i soldered the black wire to the right spot and i had the green and bare wires to what looks to be the grounding spot then i must have Effed up on the white and red wires. I actually wasnt able to solder them together but their wrapped tightly together and i taped em together with some scotch tape. what the hell did i do wrong here?