im still searching for my new amp and ive been checking out the deizel site.. but again i have no opportunities to try anything like this out.. the VH4(or VH4s) and the Herbert seem the most appealing.. has anyone ever had experience with these?? how do they compare in sound n such?
umm no offense or anything but you do realize that their amps are in the 3000 to 4000 range?

if you're still interested, check out harmony central reviews
i do know the price range, but i hear harmony central isnt any good for reviews.. i guess ill check anyway
also they are quite a bitch to obtain, usually professional recording artists will get to them first, and these things are in high demand.
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First off, "Diezel" amps have a very unique voicing and really tone-wise sound like no other amp which people either love or they hate. I wouldn't suggest buying a Diezel amplifier without playing it. As of right now there is a 1-3 month wait on Diezel's unless they're in stock at a particular dealer.

As for the Diezel Herbert it has a very saggy nature to it's distortion and though it's hyped to be this metal monster I personally wouldn't use it to play extreme metal.

The Herbert does clean, classic through modern rock & classic through progressive metal well but falls short of being the extreme metal amp. The mid-cut helps but when compare to my Engl's I would perfer them for Death/Black metal.
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The guitarist from Godsmack plays one live. And it sounded awful to me.

Could just be his EQ.
yeah, you cant use harmony central's reviews. it seems like every rating is "this amp rocks and sounds great". its just a bunch of homers giving their opinion. you can look at reviews for the worst amps out there (ahem..spider II) and you will see tone ratings of 8-10.

im actually thinking of selling all but one of my guitars (the only one i play anyway) and buying a used vh4.
VH4 rocks..... You can just buy an OD9 and get the Herbert's sound without paying a grand and a half dollars.........
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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