How important do you personally think it is to learn to read standard notation?

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Not that important.. personally.

My bass teacher says so also.. He read and writes tab.
^ your teacher is very foolish

It;s important, especially if you want to make a career out of your insterment.
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Hah, oh well. Sheet music is confusing.

He tells me not to worry about it... he grew up with tabs.
Depends. What if someday you're opening for a wicked band, and they say 'Let's play a starter improv in B', and you have no freaking idea what you're doing.

Guess that's not quite so relavent, but you know... close enough.
It makes learning theory much much easier and it actually helps you play a long a lot easier.

And it's almost impossible to get a career in music without being able to read it unless that career is based off playing rock music and getting extremely lucky.
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I think it is extremly important.....that said.....I still don't know how.
incredibly important!

For me (cut my teeth on upright), scribe is easier than tab.
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Not that important.. personally.

My bass teacher says so also.. He read and writes tab.

same here, but not my teacher lol
very important, notation helps with intervals, scales and all that.

edit: what the hell is scribe?
It's as important as the situation you are in. If you are only ever going to be jamming with mates and only really play for a hobbie, i would go so far as to say there may be no need to learn it (but of course it will add to your musicanship). If you are/want to be a serious musician, then you should learn it. Like the Sheriff said above, you'd be lucky to get a career in music without it. It's really not that hard - in fact the more you learn the more you realise that it one of the most logical "languages" around. You will find everything is as easy as it could be, and like anything you need to practice. luckily i have always sight-read as i played piano from an early age, so i can look at a piece of sheet and hear the song in my head (well nearly). I remember when i was learning you could get abrsm books with short four bar pieces that you have to do in your exams. the practice ones were excellent.

Remember, it is like learning another language, so it takes time to get used to. but keep at it and in no time at all you will be sight-reading away.

Good luck

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