Well I just salvaged sum electric guitar today while at my friend?s house. It?s been behind his couch for over 4 years never been touched. I think it looks beautiful although its in pretty beat up condition. Wats wrong with it is that the input jack is gone, neck has bit of a bend in it, and the volume pot is like destroyed and minor cosmetic damage, heres a picture, http://img195.imageshack.us/my.php?image=amp1fx.jpg that?s not the exact one but that?s the only picture I can find of this presto guitar. The one my friend has has 24 frets looks like a green sunburst, bolt on neck, and unknown wood. It also has sum kinda tremolo bridge. Also it has an h-s-s configuration of ?presto? pups, but id replace those with sum bill Lawrence or SD?s. I think its a peace of **** and I wannan modify it and use it as my backup guitar. I offered my friend 40 bucks for it, the guy listens to gino beats, has never played guitar, doesn?t know what a pickup is, and hasn?t even touched the thing in 4 years but he refuses to sell it to me. So what do you guys think? Should I offer him more or what?
You mean he wants to keep the guitar? If he doesn't want to sell it, there isn't much you can do. But if he simply wants more money for it, then you can try and negotiate.

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well theyres absolulty no point in keeping it, he barely even remembered he had it, but he says its just the fact that he has somehting that i want really badly and i cant have it and he loves that. hes a ****ed up kid. how much should i offer then?