so i'm looking into my next amp for bedroom practice mainly. i want tube tone but its almost impossible to get that at bedroom volumes. i was wondering how good of tube tone i might get from this

american strat -> vox cooltron bulldog distortion, or vox cooltron big ben ovedrive -> fender blues junior

the vox cooltrons are never brought up here, so i'm wondering if they're any good. would this get me good distortion? i play stuff like led zep, gnr,..
I've heard good things about the cooltrons, but I can't say I've heard them, dig?
you basically have to check stuff out. Boss stuff is pretty good. I've got an OS-2 (Overdrive/Distortion) and it sounds pretty mean, and I do stuff from Goo Goo Dolls to Breaking Benjamin. But that's just my preference.
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Your rig is pretty nice, and it seems a bit odd to be suggesting an attenuator with such a small amp but it seems like that's what you need. Weber makes some great cheap ones with lower power handling, I'd check out some of those.
I dunno, I was pretty surprised with my tube amp (40w peavey xxx) and it's volume. just in my bedroom I'll play around halfway on highgain, with out it being insanely loud. on cleans with low gain I turn it up all the way (the gain changes the volume a ton though)

I think that setup would be fine
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