Ok, I bought new springs for my FR becuz the ones from the previous owner were nasty and dirty. Is there any special way to change the springs or is it just simply, take off, put on?

I know it's probably a commonly known thing but I'm new to it and I know how touchy FR's are so i didn't feel like accidentally screwing it up.

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Put a block underneath the bridge, and remove all the strings. This removes all tension. After you do this, simply remove the spring cover and replace the springs.
Just jam a wooden block at the right side of the bridge (left side are springs) and replace the spring 1 by 1. You dont need to remove any strings. It also helps if you up-pull your tremolo before replacing a spring to decrease its tension. I personally dont like to mess around with the 2 claw's screws coz if you play with them a lot, the thread inside the guitar's body will wear off quickly.

Of course you dont have to always use wooden block. You can get anything thats almost similar like pen, pencil but i personally used 2 erasers or more coz its flexible and doesnt ruin your guitar.
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