Can you buy a nut that is a little taller to raise the action of a guitar?

If you cant what can you do to raise the action that is simple and actually works and wont **** up myy guitar?
Well, if you have a tune-o-matic type bridge and saddle... Then you can raise your action there.

If you have a classic strat style bridge... Then you raise the action of each string there.

Not sure about Floyd Roses, etc.
^no i just never thought about that...i was thinking more of bigger problems...not something that small
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Just incase;

The little holes either side of the saddle (the part that guides the string). There is no need to jam things under the saddles to raise them, a while back someone came up with the idea of having bolts in them so they could be 'adjustable'. You'll find a small L shapped alan key that will move these bolts.

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