Is this pedal any good, it will be my first effect pedal. I play all kinds of metal and some blues and classic rock.
No, it's lame. It didn't even work for me, all it did was make this big hissing sound, I even returned it and got a nother one and it did the same thing, bad bad pedal. Buy the Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal, way better.
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It's really heavy metal. The distortion is kinda too much for classic rock or blues but it is really good for metal. And for $10-20 how can you go wrong lol
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get the overdrive.
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i got one as a stocking stuffer last year. mine works, but its not really a metal pedal, its more like a crunchy noise pedal. i use it to feedback.

a better sounding pedal is the ds1 like said.
thats not "great" for high gain, but its not expensive and will work.

how much can u spend?

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