Well I imagine there are a lot of these sorry for reposting I've been looking through the forums for the answers to a lot of my questions but i haven't had a lot of luck

I'm going to build ether an SG and LP style body I've been on a lot of luthier suply sites but I can't find any where i can order just a slab of wood (mahogony)for the body so if any one has a site please post the link

also if I do the les paul body I want to put the switch down by the volume/tone knobs would this be a problem?

And I'm still trying to decide if I should build a neck or buy one If I build one I want to use my ESP ltd f-50 neck as a template (it's a bolt on) but it has an angled headstock witch i don't want to do would that throw off the required meausrements for the frets or would i just be better off buying a pre made neck?

thanks a lot guys I know it's a lot of questions but i figured better one thread than 50 any advice would be appriecated and I'll probably be posting more questions as the project gets started so if you know what you're talking about come back and help me as much as you can
I get -all- my wood from www.galleryhardwoods.com

No that wouldnt be a problem moving the switch, you're building it...

If you're not confident, go premade.
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Thanks No I'm not all that confident about my abilities to do this (even more so because I don't have all the tools that i need so i may have to improvise) but I just didn't know if there would be enough room for the wiring down there
and is there any way I can get a basic idea of the dimensions of a les paul?